Термо чорапи Fourth Element Arctic Drysuit Socks

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  • Производител: Fourth Element
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Термо чорапи Fourth Element Arctic Drysuit Socks

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Arctic Drysuit Socks
The Arctic drysuit undersuit is complemented by the Arctic socks, which completes the thermal protection system, offering low bulk thermal protection to the extremities. The two layer construction is warm and comfortable, and the inner liner can be pulled out from the outer liner to speed drying times.

Diving Socks - Thermal Protection for Your Feet
Protect the extremities. That’s what one of the famous explorers said, and it's true that if your feet get cold on a dive, concentration can waver and an otherwise fantastic dive can be marred by discomfort. From Finsocks, designed to alleviate the rubbing from a full foot fin or keep the feet a bit warmer and comfortable in neoprene boots, to the Hotfoot and Hotfoot Pro, a drysuit sock with a water resistant outer layer, there is always a fourth element solution to keeping the feet warm.

от Suzyn, 01 Фев 2017

That inghtis's just what I've been looking for. Thanks!



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