Техническо крило Tecline Donut 22 Special Edition with DIR harness & BP

  • Код: T12085
  • Производител: Tecline
  • Тегло: 3.000 кг
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Tecline Donut 22 Special Edition with DIR harness & BP for 2 x 12L

Цена: 888.00лв.

Tecline Donut 22 Special Edition with DIR harness & BP

Tecline redefines the state of the art in wing and harness design with a return to the roots of technical diving Technological evolution often tends to move users from simple tools to more complex machines, but, paradoxically, development in the opposite direction can sometimes be more effective. This has certainly been the case in respect of buoyancy devices for technical divers and the new simple harness/ stainless steel backplate and Donut 22 Special Edition Wing combination from Tecline raises the bar in terms of quality, simplicity and effectiveness of design.
An Historical Perspective
I first encountered these guys ten years ago in their early days. Then they were developing gear for technical divers in Central Europe who were demanding equipment that matched high quality with low cost. This seems to have been the company’s unofficial slogan over the years and, as it has taken its business worldwide, Scubatech / Tecline has kept faith with its business model of building excellent products and selling them at reasonable prices.
In the early days of technical diving, small companies and talented individuals created simple wings and harnesses for the relatively small number of people that needed them. Then, sensing the arrival of a promising new income stream, the major manufacturers moved into the technical market place and built complex, cantilevered systems designed by engineers rather than divers. Nobody wanted them!
So the equipment began to evolve in another direction, with products that retained the simplicity of the original concepts but added quality of materials, finishing and versatility. This Tecline offering is the latest evolutionary step.
The State of the Art
As you will see, I am a big fan of the system. Why do I like it so much? First, the Tecline folk have intelligently designed the Donut 22 Special Edition wing specifically for divers using double aluminium 12 litre (80 cu ft) cylinders, by far the most commonly available set up in the world for travelling divers like me. You know you have a good piece of kit from the moment you open the box. The steely, solid shine of the backplate with its bevelled edges, the strength of the webbing with the ends sealed to prevent fraying, a choice of short and long corrugated hoses, pre-bent stainless steel D rings on the shoulders, a selection of other D rings elsewhere, including two on the crotch strap: the signs of a meticulous attention to detail are evident everywhere.
The harness and backplate fulfil their primary function perfectly, i.e. to keep the diver permanently attached to his gas supply and help him remain as stable as possible in the water while he breathes from that gas supply.
The 2” webbing used is extremely strong and comfortable and the harness allows the diver to fit attachment points, pouches, sleeves and pockets according to his personal configuration preferences. It does not dictate where these should go but allows the diver complete freedom.
To be useful, a wing must not introduce complexity to the diver’s set up. Again, it just has to do what it is supposed to do with no fuss. Its principal function is to offer sufficient positive buoyancy to keep a diver comfortable on the surface with his head well clear of surface chop: and the expansion panels built into the fabric of the Donut 22 Special Edition wing for exactly this purpose do an excellent job.
Underwater, a wing must create minimal drag and have as little integral positive buoyancy as possible to avoid the need for a diver to carry additional weight in compensation.
The Special Edition is astonishingly slim-line considering its 22 kg lift capacity. With the stainless steel backplate, wearing a 3mm wetsuit and carrying double aluminium 12l (80 cu ft) cylinders and an aluminium 3l (30 cu ft) stage cylinder I need no additional weight at all. And even when swimming against a current, I feel no additional drag at all, even with the cell partially inflated at depth.
A wing must also not disrupt a diver’s trim and, cleverly,
the circular “Donut” shape of the air cell ensures even distribution of buoyancy over the diver’s back to help keep him flat with butt and legs horizontal. This is a welcome return to the original concept of a cave diver’s wing. All I need to do is add a couple of spurts of air, wriggle around a little so the air can circulate around the cell, then set off. I have perfect trim instantly!
I really like the central position of the inflator hose elbow, which keeps it completely out of the way of valves and regulator first stages and allows greater flexibility with hose placement. Another indicator of the level of thought that has gone into the design of the wing is the fact that the upper panel has been deliberately made slimmer and less bulky to facilitate hose and regulator configuration and make it easier for a diver to reach back and manipulate his valves, even when the wing is fully inflated. The butt pull release is on the left and easy to find. This kit is just so straightforward to use!
Going Back to Move On
It seems strange to write of evolution when describing equipment that owes its design to the early days of technical diving but progress does not always involve forward movement. Sometimes you have to retrace your path in order to find the right road!

•Buoyancy compensator dedicated for double tanks 2 x 7L, 2 x 8,5L, 2 x 10L, 2 x 12L
•The same features as Donut 22 Special Edition
•Lift capacity 22 kg / 40 lbs
•Inside bladder: PU 420
•Outside bladder: Heavy Duty Nylon 1000 D non blade



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