Водолазен компютър Divesoft Freedom Full Trimix

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  • Производител: Divesoft
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The Divesoft Freedom decompression computer was specially developed in order to meet the needs of technical divers using trimix in open circuit SCUBA. Advanced gauge and freediving modes are also available. The user can change the computer’s settings to fit a wide range of individual requirements.

Цена: 1,575.00лв.

It features a clear and legible TFT display, which allows you to easily read all essential information in conditions of poor visibility or even without a mask. The operational depth for this computer is 300m and its heavy-duty aluminum case was tested to 600m. The dive profile is visible in real time during your dive; it is recorded, can be seen in the device’s logbook and can be downloaded onto a computer, mobile phone or tablet, using the included USB cable. This USB cable is also used for charging the battery.

up to 9 mixtures with any content of oxygen and helium
Bühlmann’s ZHL decompression algorithm
fully adjustable gradient factors
deco stops or deco ceiling for continual decompression
full color TFT display
four screens during the dive including the graphical dive profile
reversible display for left/right hand
brightness adjustment
durable aluminum body
300 m (1 000 ft) operational depth
metric/imperial units
depth average with the possibility to restart
easy-to-use two button control
rechargeable Li-Ion battery
high-precision depth sensor
vibrating alarms strong enough for a drysuit
decompression games
textile strap or bungee wrist mount
log processing in the cloud or offline
software version upgradeable
free firmware updates
USB connection and charging

Freedom displays are protected by protector display overlay.
You can choose from two variants of the fastening strap (35,5 cm or 42,5 cm).

Freedom Full Trimix contents:
- Freedom Full Trimix computer
- USB charger
- bungee gum
- fastening strap
- silicon protective sleeve

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