Неопрен Fourth Element Proteus II 5mm Man

  • Код: Proteus II 5mm Man
  • Производител: Fourth Element
  • Тегло: 3.000 кг
  • Оценка: Оценка: 08
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Mens 5mm Wetsuits
The 5mm suit is a versatile performer. With improved fit, the suit is easier to don that the classic Proteus, but its thermal performance is even better. We recommend the 5mm suit for prolonged dives in temperatures of 19C and warmer.

Цена: 733.00лв.

ProteusII - Improved fit and thermal performance
The PROTEUS II is a worthy successor to the original Proteus suit. Available in 3mm and 5mm thicknesses, the Proteus II is set to redefine the warmest suit in its class.
Water ingress is minimised by a number of design features. Glideskin wrist seals and the now famous hydrolock inner neck seal combine with watertight seams which are double glued, blindstitched and taped to keep the water out.
Thermoflex linings throughout the suit provide excellent comfort and thermal protection.
Additional Hexcore linings on the body core provide enhanced thermal performance where it is most needed for prolonged water exposure.

Available in 3mm and 5mm versions.

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